As a natural wedding photographer, my approach to capturing moments is deeply rooted in my love for journalistic photographs. This passion was ignited during my childhood when I was gifted a book titled 'Headline Photography' by Harold Evans. This book, passed down from my great-grandfather to my grandfather and then to me, showcased the rawness of moments, unposed and unfiltered. While war photography and wedding photography may seem worlds apart, the essence of capturing genuine moments remains the same.

Instead of asking couples to strike a pose, I believe in directing them. This approach often leads to spontaneous and genuine reactions. Imagine practicing your first dance in the bustling heart of Trafalgar Square in London or navigating through a woodland, playfully dodging low-hanging branches. These scenarios, while seemingly silly, result in natural laughs, smiles, and moments that can't be replicated in a posed setting.


Having worked with a diverse range of couples, from the camera-shy to the confidently poised, I've honed my skills in understanding and communicating. It's not just about snapping a picture; it's about building a rapport. By the time we get to the portraits, we've already spent a significant part of the day together. You're accustomed to my presence, and the camera becomes just another entity.

During our sessions, I make it a point to share the captured moments with you. This not only builds confidence but also allows you to see the magic we're creating together. Every couple has a unique story, and these stories are goldmines for genuine reactions. Before the wedding, I delve into your journey by asking questions like, "How did you both meet?" or "Tell me about the proposal." These stories, filled with emotions, become my tools during the shoot. A shared joke, a reminiscent moment, or a cherished memory can evoke the most heartfelt smiles or even tears.

Progressive Approach

For individuals who may feel a bit apprehensive or self-conscious when faced with a camera lens, please take solace in the fact that I always approach my photography sessions with sensitivity and patience. I don't immediately walk in for close-up shots. Instead, I begin by taking wider, distance shots, artfully crafting portraits that utilise negative space to emphasise the subject. This method not only allows for a diverse range of photos but also provides an opportunity for you to acclimate to the camera's presence. As our session unfolds and you begin to feel more at ease, I subtly transition to capturing more intimate and close-up images, ensuring that you're comfortable every step of the way.

Wedding photography transcends the mere act of capturing facial expressions; it delves deep into the realm of encapsulating genuine feelings, raw emotions, and fleeting moments that define the essence of the day. It's a delicate art that seeks to immortalise the laughter, the tears, and the myriad emotions that play out during such a significant event. If the thought of posing for your wedding portraits fills you with a touch of anxiety, it's essential to remember that the primary objective is to ensure you have a relaxed, enjoyable, and memorable experience. It's not just about the final images, but the journey we embark on to create them. Place your trust in the well-honed process, find comfort in the stories and memories we share, and above all, trust in the magic we'll create together.