Wedding photograph of a outdoor symmetrical ceremony in Hampshire next to a river

Hampshire, with its idyllic landscapes and historic venues, provides a perfect backdrop for wedding photography. We understand the importance of capturing the essence of this beautiful region on your special day. From the rolling hills of the South Downs to the historic ports along the coast, each location offers a unique setting for photos that not only celebrate your union but also the beauty of Hampshire.

We specialise in utilising these spectacular settings to enhance your wedding photos, blending natural beauty with the celebration of your love. Whether you're planning a grand affair at one of Hampshire's stately homes or a quaint ceremony in a countryside barn, we ensure that the spirit of your location is woven seamlessly into your wedding imagery. Our photography captures the mood and atmosphere of your day, providing you with memories that reflect both your personal story and the enchanting settings of Hampshire.

The Natural Beauty of Hampshire's Landscapes

In Hampshire, we're blessed with an array of spectacular landscapes that make for the perfect wedding photo backdrop. The rolling hills, quaint villages, and expansive coastlines are just a snippet of what this beautiful county has to offer. As wedding photographers, we strive to harness the natural beauty of these settings to enhance the magic of your special day. Choosing Hampshire as the setting for your wedding photos not only provides picturesque scenes but also adds a serene, timeless quality to your images.

We often use the varied Hampshire scenery to reflect each couple's style and personality. Whether it's a sunset shot across the New Forest or a romantic pose by the historic ruins at Winchester, the natural vistas provide a canvas that enhances the emotion and beauty of your wedding day. These environments also serve as a relaxed setting that helps ease any nerves, allowing you and your guests to feel more comfortable and in the moment, which is essential for capturing those candid, joyful expressions.

Iconic Venues and Locations in Hampshire for Wedding Photography

Hampshire is home to some of the most iconic wedding venues and locations in the UK, each offering its own unique charm and history. From the majestic Winchester Cathedral to the rustic barns of the South Downs, these venues are more than just locations; they are a part of your story. We have the privilege of working at these sites, utilising their distinct features to create striking and memorable photographs.

For instance, the historical forts along the Portsmouth coast provide a dramatic and imposing backdrop, ideal for couples looking for a grand, powerful aesthetic. On the other hand, the lush gardens and sprawling estates scattered throughout the county offer a softer, more intimate setting. These venues are not only visually stunning but are also equipped to host your celebrations, providing both beauty and convenience on your big day. By selecting one of Hampshire's iconic venues, you ensure your wedding photos capture the essence of the county's heritage and your personal tale of love.

Seasonal Charm: Capturing Hampshire's Year-Round Beauty

No matter the season, Hampshire offers a picturesque backdrop for wedding photography, each bringing its own unique atmosphere and colour palette. In the spring, the blooming flowers and budding trees provide a vibrant, fresh setting, perfect for capturing the new beginnings that a wedding symbolises. We take special care to utilise the natural colours of spring, incorporating them into photos that speak of growth and new life. During the summer, the lush landscapes and longer days provide ample opportunities for capturing stunning sunset photos with the newlyweds.

As autumn rolls in, the crisp air and the golden hues of falling leaves create a warm, inviting backdrop for any wedding. We love how the soft autumn light filters through the trees, providing a natural soft box that enhances the romantic feel of every photo. Winter, with its stark beauty and often snow-capped scenes, offers a magical and dramatic backdrop for couples who are looking for a fairy-tale element in their photos. We are skilled at using the unique qualities of each season to bring out the best in your wedding photos, ensuring that the beauty of Hampshire enriches the story of your day.

Why Couples Choose Hampshire for Their Special Day

Hampshire is not just a location; it's a choice for couples who want their wedding to be enveloped in history, natural beauty, and a touch of the quaint English countryside. The diversity of landscapes, from the serene coastlines to the lush forests, offers a multitude of options for wedding themes and photography styles. We find that couples are drawn to the authenticity and the tailored experience that can be crafted in such a versatile setting. Each venue in Hampshire, from elegant manor houses to charming barns, presents unique opportunities for beautiful, timeless wedding photos.

Moreover, Hampshire's reputation for being a romantic destination adds to its allure as a prime wedding location. For us, capturing weddings here means more than just taking photos; it's about creating art that reflects the unique story of each couple against the backdrop of one of the UK's most picturesque counties. The satisfaction we see from couples who choose Hampshire for their special day motivates us to continuously hone our skills and ensure we're providing not just photos but a treasure trove of memories that will last a lifetime.


Every wedding we capture in Hampshire is distinct and filled with moments of joy, beauty, and genuine emotion. Our aim is to ensure that each photo tells a part of your story, encapsulating the essence of your special day against the stunning backdrop of Hampshire's diverse landscapes. We pride ourselves on being more than just photographers; we are storytellers who are privileged to play a part in your journey.

If you are planning your wedding in Hampshire and want a team that will capture every moment with care and creativity, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team at Antony R Turner Photography. Our dedication to crafting beautiful Hampshire wedding photography is what sets us apart. We would be honoured to be a part of your incredible day, helping you to create and capture memories that you will cherish forever.