wedding photograph of a bride standing in front of a wedding cake with a dog stepping on her dress

In the quiet ambiance of a church, the infectious laughter of a child can stand out. Likewise, the delicate grasp of small hands on the bride's grand bouquet, or an older couple swaying gently on the dance floor, reminiscing about their younger days, hold special charm. As a wedding photographer, it's these genuine, unanticipated moments that, while challenging to capture, truly captivate and mesmerise me.

A wedding is far more than just a formal ceremony; it's a mosaic of beautiful moments coming together in a splendid celebration. While I cherish capturing the hallmark moments like the bride's jaw-dropping entrance or the couple's first dance as husband and wife, I'm deeply passionate about documenting those subtle, often overlooked moments. They might be overshadowed by the grandeur of the event, but they bring an authentic warmth and depth to the wedding.

Photographing Kids At Weddings

Photographing children at weddings isn't just a task; it's an adventure brimming with spontaneity and unexpected twists. Imagine a hushed church, where the congregation is engrossed in a solemn moment. Then, from the pews, the innocent voice of a curious child pierces the silence, asking their parents a series of unexpected questions. The stifled giggles, the gentle shushing from the parents, and those mischievous twinkling eyes add layers of warmth and authenticity to the ceremony's narrative.

Then there’s the dance floor - a realm transformed into a fairy-tale wonderland once the kids get a taste of the sugary delights on offer. Their unbridled joy, coupled with their sugar fuelled energy, often makes for some of the most memorable and heartwarming photographs.

I might be a tad biased in believing that children infuse weddings with an added dose of fun and whimsy. Perhaps it's because I'm a parent to three kids – with two already navigating the tumultuous teen years. But can you blame me? There's something undeniably magical about watching children, lost in their world of imagination, making a game out of anything – even if it's an adult lawn game like oversized Jenga. I fondly recall a particular wedding where a group of children, their faces lit up with anticipation, gathered around the wedding cake, speculating on its flavours and eagerly discussing when they might get to taste a slice.

For these young guests, a wedding isn't just an event. Through their wide-eyed wonder, it becomes an enchanting escape from their everyday life. Dressed in finery (which parents are perpetually ensuring remains spotless), these kids find themselves on an extraordinary journey far removed from their daily routines. This foray into the unknown, the thrill of the new and unfamiliar, often transforms them into the unintentional stars of the day.

As a photographer, capturing these candid moments, where children's enthusiasm and sheer joy radiate through every frame, adds a touch of innocence and charm to the wedding's storyline. Their genuine reactions, paired with their boundless curiosity, effortlessly bring to life the narrative of the day, making it all the more memorable.

Understanding Wedding Guests

Guests at weddings often bring a dynamism and spontaneity that parallels the candid charm of children. We all know that one charismatic uncle who effortlessly steals the limelight, whether it's by playfully hogging the camera or by pulling off light-hearted pranks on fellow attendees. And who could forget that one mischievous friend whose idea of fun is showering the groom with confetti a bit too generously?

Initially, there's a palpable hesitancy among some guests when the camera lens is turned their way. A sidelong glance, a polite decline, or even a gentle turn away are common reactions. But as the day unfolds and they grow accustomed to my presence, their walls start to come down. With each passing hour, their true, vibrant personalities emerge, making it a delight to capture those genuine, unguarded moments.

There's an indescribable joy in capturing raw emotions. Whether it's a mother's eyes brimming with tears of happiness, a friend's hearty laugh echoing in the hall, or the proud, beaming smiles of grandparents watching the proceedings, each of these moments tugs at my heartstrings. And if it resonates with my heart, you can bet it'll be immortalised in a photograph.

Candid shots are the hidden treasures of any wedding. While they are scattered throughout the day, the most evocative images often surface during the ceremony, the lively cocktail hour, or on the pulsating dance floor. Admittedly, as the evening advances and spirits (both emotional and the bottled variety) flow a little more freely, the photographs become more uninhibited, colourful, and truly reflective of the essence of the celebration.

Growing up in a large, close-knit family, with an assortment of personalities and life stories, has granted me a unique perspective when it comes to understanding the dynamics of gatherings like weddings. Each member of my family represents a different walk of life, a multitude of experiences and anecdotes. This familial backdrop has not only enriched my personal life but has also significantly influenced my approach as a photographer. When I'm at a wedding, I often see echoes of my own relatives in the guests I meet – from the jovial aunt who loves to share tales of her travels to the shy cousin who blossoms once he's in his comfort zone. This personal connection enables me to effortlessly strike up conversations with guests, delving into their stories, sharing a joke or two, and creating an atmosphere of warmth and trust. This genuine rapport often results in spontaneous laughter and genuine smiles, which, when captured, add another layer of authenticity and joy to the wedding album.

Unexpected Delights at Weddings

In the realm of weddings, embracing the unexpected is not just essential—it's downright delightful. Let's be honest; while we all wish for our big day to unfurl flawlessly, a few unpredictable twists and turns can add layers of charm and character. I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless weddings, and while most go off without a hitch, there's always a select few every year that embrace the adage, "expect the unexpected."

As a UK wedding photographer, I've found myself in scenarios where the stakes were high and where things could have taken a turn towards the catastrophic. Yet, the remarkable spirit of the couples I've worked with has always been their ability to find joy amidst the chaos. Maybe it's just the kind of couples that are drawn to me - those with grounded, effervescent personalities, for whom the essence of the day remains more important than its superficial perfection.

Consider the couple who faced a torrential downpour, turning their beautifully set marquee into something resembling a sinking ship in their garden. Rather than panic, they donned wellington boots and danced in the rain, creating memories that would be cherished for a lifetime. Or the bride whose pristine gown became the canvas for her pet dog's muddy footprints, only for her to chuckle and remark about her furry friend's artistic inclinations. And who could forget the bridesmaid's unintended contribution to another bride's dress—a splash of red wine, which instead of tears and frustration, resulted in laughter and an unforgettable tale for future gatherings.

Being at the forefront of these moments, capturing the unexpected is all about intuition and keen observation. It's a dance between being in the right place at the right time and possessing the foresight to anticipate the magic about to unfold. Weddings are, after all, about celebrating love, unity, and the beautiful unpredictability of life. So, when the unexpected happens, I'm right there, camera in hand, ready to encapsulate that fleeting, perfect moment.