black and white wedding photograph of a bride silhouetted in a doorway wearing a wedding dress in hampshire england

From my earliest memories, black and white photography has been a captivating allure, drawing me into the world of capturing moments. This passion was ignited when, as a child, my grandfather presented me with a treasured book from our family's collection, 'Headline Photography' by Harold Evans. This anthology of celebrated press photographs wasn't just any book—it once belonged to my great-grandfather, Douglas. As I leafed through its pages, I became deeply moved by the genuine emotions and authentic moments framed in stark monochromatic contrasts. In the times predating the 1960s and 1970s, before the vibrancy of colour film dominated the photographic landscape, photographers embraced the limited yet profound grayscale palette. The constraints of only black and white film translated into imagery that was raw, pure, and emotive.

Today, as I capture weddings, black and white images constitute a significant part of my work - always at least 20%. Sometimes it's even more. Intriguingly, I often instinctively know which moments will translate best into black and white even before pressing the shutter. This foresight allows me to incorporate elements like green exit signs or red fire extinguishers without hesitation, confident in the knowledge that their vibrant hues won't disrupt the final monochromatic image. However, not every picture earns the distinction of black and white in my portfolio. Only those that truly resonate with the couple's unique essence make the cut. I strive for these chosen frames to be ageless - a reflection of genuine love and emotion, harking back to a time when photographs conveyed deep narratives without the embellishments of colour. By stripping away the colours, the focus shifts entirely to the core of the moment, injecting each frame with a timeless quality. It's a process that displays emotions down to their purest form, ensuring that every image becomes a forever classic.

I attempt to connect with a broad spectrum of audiences. Notably, in specific genres like fine art, there is a lingering affinity for black and white imagery. This style's enduring popularity ensures that it remains both relevant and highly sought-after. Black and white photography's unique charm lies in its ability to break through cultural and language barriers, conveying universally understood emotions and narratives. These frames have a captivating allure that seamlessly merges both classic and modern artistic taste. As a result, they find favour with traditional art as and contemporary art enthusiasts. Through my black and white compositions, I strive to develop a nostalgic bond with viewers. I hope to stir memories, perhaps reminiscent of the vintage wedding photos of their parents or cherished old family portraits, fostering a deep emotional connection.

The Emotional Impact of Black and White Versus Color Photography

Choosing between black and white or colour in photography goes beyond a click of a button; it's art that deeply impacts on how we feel when we look at a picture. Imagine black and white images as the soul of photography, it strips away any distraction of color to reveal only the moment using light, shadow, and texture. There's beauty in this simplicity which bringing out the intimacy of each shot in the ways color can't. Most black and white photographs tells a story causing us to look deeper and emotionally connect with what's been captured. On the flip side, colour photographs paint our world as we know it, making it more responsive to our reality. Colours do have the ability to set mood, using warm hues to comfort, and cool tones for solitude or reflection. Though colour brings life to images, it does risk overwhelming our visuals, softening the emotion a moment holds.

Personally, black and white photographs are timeless, unbound by era, inviting viewers into intimate moments with the subjects. It's particularly impactful in natural wedding photography, where love and joy are captured in its purest form, delivering emotion that's unparalleled.

The contrast of light and dark in these photographs adds a layer of depth which can turn an ordinary scene into a captivating story. Simplicity doesn't just showcase moments; it invites us into them. In essence, whilst colour photography presents the majority of my catalogue, the black and white photographs will remain a timeless choice for encapsulating the unforgettable moments I've witnessed.